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History of the Lighthouse Church

August 1993 - an American couple (Chris and Claudia) and a German family (Helmut and Judith) move to Turkey. After meeting and developing a friendship, they soon realize that they shared a similar vision - to see an international church planted in Izmir, a church that would not only serve the needs of the foreign community, but of the Turkish people as well.

November 1994 - After one year of meeting, praying, and seeking counsel, these two families begin a weekly Sunday afternoon meeting in the back room of Helmut and Judith's home.

Spring of 1996 - it becomes obvious that due to growth, the group needs to move out of the house and into a place of it's own. The church moves into a hotel in the center of Izmir. More nationals begin to regularly attend the Sunday worship service. Suddenly the need for a bilingual service becomes apparent.

November 1996 - the church moves into a 250 square meter office on the six floor of an office block downtown. The church begins to conduct its Sunday worship service in both Turkish and English.

Fall 1996 - the church has the privilege of baptizing its first national believer in a small, plastic children's swimming pool. This sparks the beginning of a small but steady growth of those from Muslim background coming to faith in Christ through the grace of God.

April 2003 - the church moves to a 700 square meter office space with several rooms with which to hold children's programs. There are now about 140 in attendance on Sunday mornings, at least 50% of which are nationals. Normally there are 15 to 20 nations represented.

April 2007 - the office building floor where the church has been meeting is sold and needed by the new owners. The church meets on Sunday afternoons at the Anglican Church for a season. 

November 2007 - Lighthouse Church forms a legal Turkish association - Işık Kilisesi Derneği.

February 2009 - Gençlik Kilisesi - Youth Services start.

Present day - the church is moving forward with the guidance of the Holy Spirit. There are programs for the children, a créche for the babies, and youth group activities for the teenagers. In addition to this, there are several active small groups that meet once a week in members' homes to pray for and encourage one another.